3D greeting card for dad

My husband said that you can never give a dad, how he looks at his own children. I,on the other hand, can always promise you that my family will look like this when you give them a dad or grandfather! Children will always be the center of attention! And when your father or grandfather is at home, you can always give him a small gift, even if it's a 3D card with an envelope or postcard. In our case it is a 3D card with a header "APPOINTMENT". This gift perfectly combines modern technologies and old-fashioned craftsmanship. In our small home, you will get a great gift, which will be pleasant for everyday life. The kids will definitely appreciate it, and the grandfather will try to do something for his grandfather! This gift will be the highlight of the evening. As we left the house, we saw a package with a postcard in the form of a grain. It was received very simply, and the packaging was in excellent condition. photo of the authorThe grandfather was very nice, and the product was well Packed. It is not difficult for a grain to stand, and for him it looks like this:photo of the authorGlue the grain to a postcard. You can also use paper clips.photo of the authorThe postcard will be perfect for the celebration, and the child will definitely appreciate it, no matter what kind of gift you give him! Very cool gift! We wish you every success and joy to your loved ones! Ideas and ideas please your friends and girlfriends, subscribe to our blog, and keep up to date with new publications!