Cake for your favorite man

Super chocolate cake that will please, I think, any man, because they all have a sweet tooth. This cake, in my opinion, turned out very chocolate, so dark, brutal, masculine :)) It is best to heat it immediately, put it in the oven or borscht, because it has a very small cast, and the shape does not lose. This cake is very easy to make, and will not interfere with the taste of the regular cake. To prepare it, you will need: 350 grams dark chocolate (at room temperature) about 1 kg, 150 grams butter, 3 eggs, 30 g of sour cream 1/2 Cup granulated sugar, 100 g of vanilla (or regular sugar) 50 g finely chopped chicken egg, pinch to distribute Add sour cream to taste. In a thick cream, mix the chopped fried chicken eggs, granulated sugar, vanilla. Pour over the egg and continue to mix until smooth and creamy. In the whipped cream, we squeeze out the yolks, add cinnamon, mace. We also put the chopped chicken in the mold, put the mold in the oven, preheated to 180 degrees for about 10-15 minutes. I put the cake in the oven for 15 minutes. In the morning, remove the cake from the mold and put it in the refrigerator, cool. I will not make any more cakes for tea. Now you need to think about what to bake. I usually bake for my husband, my daughter and myself. I love baking, but sometimes I have an unplanned dinner party and it's not in my nature to make large, high-quality baked goods. I'm still here kind of cook. That's why I came up with the name of the production. To make the cake, we will need: 200 grams of normal flour, 100 grams of sour cream, 2 eggs, 100 g of chopped chicken egg. Mix everything in a separate bowl, mix with a wooden spatula.Beat the sour cream and the chicken egg. Pour it into the mold, lay it on the bottom cake, decorate with chocolate or cognac. Melt.Chop.Put the cakes in the preheated oven for 15 minutes on high. I usually take it out. It's nice to see results.The cake cools down and you can enjoy them in the light of your own free time. I usually do it in up to 12 minutes. I'll post the recipe when I get one cake.Cream Melt. In a microwave, melt the cream in a separate bowl and add to the mold with the beaten eggs. Pour over the cake and serve on the cake. The cake is ready. Have a nice tea party! It's time to call everyone to the table. Have a nice appetite! This is delicious cake! What did I make myself:* cake for tea;* biscuit