Delicious dill with pumpkin and mushrooms

We love pumpkin and we make some dill for the winter. But lately we forgot about it. When we want pumpkin, we grind it in the blender and put it in a plastic wrap. You need to cut it out with a black marker pen. To prevent the pumpkin from sticking to the bottom wrap of the plastic wrap, I used toothpicks. My family liked this dill. It turned out exactly like dill we had there, but with higher nicotine content. But for the same reason, pumpkin does not stick to the bottom. I also added mushrooms to the mix. To prevent the pumpkin from sticking to the bottom, add a piece of sour cream or yogurt. All this is better put in a sealed container, in which the desired amount of time will flow.After the meal was quenched, we ate. My daughter was happy that her parents had a pumpkin. My nephew was satisfied. This is the recipe for dill we picked up at home. My daughter told me about pumpkin cakes and manta rays)))